Montag, 9. Februar 2015

Bonn Agile Meetup - February 2015: Augenhöhe - Film und Dialog für eine neue Arbeitswelt

The first meetup 2015, and already a full house! We met at the Bildungswerk für Friedensarbeit in Bonn to discuss "new work", as depicted in the film "Augenhöhe", which portrays several companies that are based on core values like democracy, transparency and respect. 

We were lucky to have a great special guest, Fabian Dittberner, of it-agile, a company with a focus on agile consultancy, which already incorporates a lot of the values that come with the new work movement (Read more about it-agile in the September 2014 issue of Brand Eins). Fabian gave us a valuable first hand insight into the inner workings of it-agile, and whet our appetite for the Augenhöhe film.

The 45-minute film, which can now be streamed at Vimeo, gave us a great context for an hour and a half of dialogue, which was held in a "World Cafe" style. This proved to be both interesting and entertaining, and we gained lots of insights into the status quo and opportunities for improvement.

Afterwards we headed to Bierhaus Machold, where dialogue continued over a glass of beer. It was a great evening!

Here is some feedback from our participants

"Ich fand die Veranstaltung gestern sehr nett, ich war bestimmt nicht das letzte Mal dabei!"
"Es hat mich ebenfalls sehr gefreut! Ich hoffe, ich schaffe es mal öfters zu euch nach Bonn."
"Vielen, vielen Dank für die Einladung. [...] Ihr ward alle so nett und an diesem Tag habt Ihr mir einfach sehr gut getan :) - DANKE!"
"Danke für einen spannenden Abend auf Augenhoehe!"

Thanks to
  • Fabian Dittberner for co-hosting
  • Matthias Lübken for connecting us to Fabian
  • Guido Bosbach and Sven Franke for their help organizing and marketing the event
  • Bildungswerk für Friedensarbeit for the location
  • and the makers of "Augenhöhe"
  • our 25 lovely participants!