Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Bonn Agile Blog coming back to life!

Nearly a year ago, we decided to cease posting on this blog, hoping that the more interactive channels like the mailing list, Xing and Google+ would suffice as places to find hints of Bonn Agile activity.

However, at a recent meetup we figured that it's a bit sad that we don't have an open public web page where people can see what's going on.

Therefore, we've decided to push some life back into the blog by writing regular post-meetup-posts with pictures and a short summary. At the same time we're setting up as a new domain for it.

In case you're wondering what we've been up to, here's a quick recap of what went down since the last blog post in July last year:

  • August (2013): Bonn Agile Sommerfest (Google+ event with pictures, Xing event)
  • October: Testen und Qualitätssicherung in agilen Projekten (Google+, Xing)
  • November: Automated cross browser testing with JavaScript/DalekJS (Google+, Xing)
  • December: DevOps für Entwickler (Google+, Xing)
  • January (2014): Bar Meetup with open space discussions (Google+, Xing, notes)
  • February: Technical debt discussion panel (Google+, Xing, notes/results)
  • March: Motivationstheorie (Google+, Xing)
  • April: Crowdgovernance, agile teams im driver seat (Google+, Xing)
  • May: Bar meetup (Xing)
  • May/June: Software-Reviews – im Wasserfall entstanden und trotzdem agil? (Google+, Xing)
  • June: Bonn Agile moderator meetup (results)
Next meetup will be 1st of July. Follow Bonn Agile on Twitter or Google+ to be notified when it's announced! Or just join the Xing group or mailing list. After the meetup, we'll write another post here!