Dienstag, 16. April 2013

The May meetup

After the Easter break the Bonn Agile meetup will be back in full swing on May 7th with a focus on the agile principle "individuals and interactions over processes and tools". Christoph Baudson will be sharing his thoughts in an opinionated talk titled "Der Mensch in artgerechter Haltung". Here's a synopsis:
We know people are different and should be treated appropriately - individuals and interactions over processes and tools, as the fathers of the agile manifesto stated. They didn't mention it was really hard, especially in environments with lots of processes and tools.

We also know all models are wrong; but some are useful! The talk will show a few ways how to simplify this complex endeavour. We'll cover the traffic situation in South East Asia, discuss the relevance of Aristotle and Plato, find out why some prefer 'Star Wars' and others '2001', investigate molluscs and clams, and finally play a game of poker.

The meetup will take place on May 7th (first Tuesday of the month) at 19:00, and will be hosted by the awesome people of doo in Bonn (directions).

And if you're still not convinced - you can also win books!

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