Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Bonn Agile Meetups in February/March

  • Bar meetup: Next week at Mojito, Monday 18th of February
  • Next proper meetup, Tuesday 5th of March

Read on for the longer version:

Two Year Anniversary

The next Bonn Agile Meetup will be an informal bar meetup to celebrate our two-year anniversary! This is the last time we'll follow the old schedule where we meet the third Monday of the month. So we'll meet at Mojito on the 18th of February at 19:00. Yes, that's in one week.

Here is the Xing event for the February bar meetup.

New Meeting Schedule

After the anniversary meetup, we'll switch the regular meetup schedule. Our new plan is to meet on the first Tuesday of every Month. You can read the reasoning for this on the mailing list.

Next proper Bonn Agile Meetup

Most importantly: The next proper Bonn Agile Meetup will be 5th of March. The Meetup will probably be at Tarent - and the topic will be around Automated Web Testing with Geb.

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