Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Bonn Agile Meetup - August 2012: CQRS and Event Sourcing

Last Monday we did our September meetup at one of Bonn University's buildings.

Many thanks to Lukas Pustina for setting us up with the new venue! Even though it is a bit removed from stuff like bars and shops, I think it could be a nice locale for any meetups where we need to have a lot of table-space for laptops, like code-retreats and dojos.

This time around, Daniel Westheide (twitter, homepage) joined in to talk about CQRS and Event Sourcing. It's an extremely interesting pattern that I think a lot of teams should consider, instead of overusing the classic CRUD/DAO model everywhere. 

Señor developer @kaffeecoder presenting away

Unfortunately, we didn't get too much audience this time, due to the awesome weather conditions, but hopefully Daniel will repeat his talk at some other venues (?). In any case, his slides and demo-code are available on Github:

Big thanks to Daniel for doing this presentation!


  1. Thanks for having me, and thanks to Thomas and Lukas for organizing the vent and providing a location, respectively.

    If there is interest, I will certainly repeat this talk, or do a refined version of it.

    BTW, the link to the slides seems to be broken. The following one should work:

  2. Ah, sorry about that. I've corrected the download link now.