Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Bonn Agile Sommerfest 2012: The Kanban Pizza Game

Monday (16th of July) it's time for our annual Summer Party!

The Sommerfest will again take place at "Villa Viaboxx"


Agile coach and speaker Thorsten Kalnin will be joining us to facilitate a fun and interesting Kanban game:
With the Kanban Pizza Game from agile42 you can find out how Kanban feels like. While common Kanban games are usually focussing only on the flow in an existing Kanban system, our new Kanban Pizza Game shows in addition how to get from an existing process to a Kanban system.
We start barbecuing, eating and drinking around 18:00-19:00, and then towards 19:30 we'll start the game.



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