Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Bonn Agile Meetup - March 2012: Cultivating Code Quality

This time we'll meet to discuss how we can cultivate good code quality. Jan Nonnen from the Bonn University will present a tool called Cultivate (update: link fixed!).
Cultivate evaluates and visualizes bad code smells and software metrics. Results are either shown as a textual representation or via a variety of diagrams, focusing on specific design aspects. Developers using Cultivate can easily define a software architecture. During development, violations imposed by the architecture constraints, are indicated. Cultivate shows and analyses also the underlying software concepts, represented in the identifier names. 
Hopefully we'll have time to discuss our experiences and opinions about tools and practices we have used for improving code quality.

The meetup will take place on Monday, 19th of March, 2012 at

data in transit
Adolfstr. 34a
53111 Bonn

Update: We begin at 19:00.

For directions check http://g.co/maps/kz6k8.
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