Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Bonn Agile Meetup - February 2012: Sustainable Pace

In February, the Bonn Agile Meetup focuses on "Sustainable Pace".

Sustainable Pace is an essential part of both Extreme Programming and the Agile Manifesto. In contrast to aspects like Test-Driven Development or Continuous Integration, Sustainable Pace is less known, less formalized, and thus is often perceived as fuzzy or diffuse.

An introductory presentation will establish a context for dialogue and discussion.

The meetup will take place on Monday, Feb 27, 2012 at

data in transit
Adolfstr. 34a
53111 Bonn

For directions check

We are looking forward to your participation! To RSVP, sign up for the event on Xing.

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  1. Thanks to all participants for their contributions and to data in transit for hosting the meetup! A summary of the presentation can be found here.