Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Announcing Bonn XP-Meetup

We're a small gang who share a common interest in eXtreme Programming and related topics. We want to get together on a monthly basis so we can discuss these topics and learn from each other.

We'll try staying clear of too much fluff, and keep the content real. The meetups are independent from any particular company, and everyone is welcome to join (it's free!).

The first meetup will be February 21st, at 19 o' clock in the evening. We haven't yet decided on a venue, but it will hopefully be a nice location close to Bonn central station. (If you know about a good venue, please tell us about it.) 

Apart from the actual meetups, the main channel of communication is our Google Groups mailing list

We've also set up an intermediate web-page. We're not sure what to do with it yet, so for now it just aggregates the information from the Twitter account, the mailing list, this blog, and our Google Calendar. Oh, and we've also set up a Xing group. If you think this is a bit too much links, just stick to the mailing list, as all info will be there.

Want to participate? Join the mailing list! We hope to see you at the first meetup!

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